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It's All About Health


Mural project reflects healthy lives  

USAMEDDAC Japan staff celebrate completion of mural. Read more

Special Bond

Cancer patient, nurse form special bond

Madigan AMC nurse receives DAISY nursing award for care . Read more


Making end of life decisions helps you, your family     

Planning now can help for the future. Read more

Best Medic Competition

2015 Army Best Medic Competition 

The 2015 CSM Jack L. Clark, Jr. Army Best Medic Competition will take place Oct. 27-30. Read more

Retired General

Retired general rehabs at hospital he once commanded  

High praise for healthcare providers at BAMC. Read more


New Rules for Filling Prescriptions  

Read more about how you can get your RXs filled. Read more

Healthy Living Tips of the Week


 Rise & shine! A one hour workout is 4% of your day!

 Getting Physically Fit: Don't give up. If you miss a day, don't quit. Just start again

 Fruits and vegetables are important in promoting good health, including helping to lose or manage weight

 Safeguard your health. Take time now to get recommended screenings for chronic diseases like cancer and heart disease. Do it for yourself, do it for your family

 Dried fruits make great snacks. They are easy to carry and store well



My Health Stories

Theresa Saville

Army Leader Tests the Peformance Triad

Theresa Saville shares her story with the Performance Triad.Read my story.

Nicholas Brookins

Nicholas Brookins

Inspired by the Surgeon General's message on health. Read my story.

Yolanda Leblond

David Bitterman

Taking control of my life. Read my story.

Tucker Family

Army Family puts the Performance Triad into practice

Sgt. Tucker and her family improve their sleep, activity and nutrition. Read their story.

Tucker Family

WRMC officers dive into Performance Triad activity

Read more about the Tucker Family.

John O'Brien

John O'Brien

Health, fitness ideal New Year's resolutions. Read my story.

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