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Marriage and Family Therapy Program
Marriage and Family Services


The Marriage and Family Therapy Program is an assessment and treatment modality offered within Child and Family Behavioral Health Services, part of the Behavioral Health Service Line.    

The goal of the clinical assessment, diagnosis, and treatment provided by Marriage and Family Therapist is the amelioration/reduction of system stress/conflict that presents in couples and families.  
The clinical response is based on a comprehensive assessment interview (3 sessions) which may be performed by the M&FT provider, or performed by a provider from another BH discipline, who has requested a couples or family treatment intervention. The intervention modality (couples, family, individual, or group) is designed to engage the members in establishing goals for treatment. Goals usually include improving communication in the direction of a more rewarding relationship and away from a trajectory headed toward divorce. This is accomplished by modifying conflict, enhancing friendship, and creating shared meaning.         


Clinical Staff operate out of Medical Treatment Facilities at 48 locations including Europe, Korea and Japan.