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Government Shutdown/Furlough Information

Latest Government Shutdown/Furlough Information

- Employee Assistance Program
   Available 24/7 - you can call the Employee Assistance Program 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, 
  365 days a year. The EAP is a professional service that provides problem solving, coaching,  
  information, consultation, counseling, resource identification, and support to ALL employees. 
  800-222-0364 or (888) 262-7848 (TTY) or

- Federal Occupational Health's Work/Life Program
   FOH's Work/Life program is offered to you and your dependents at no cost and you can use the 
   services as often as you like. Try FOH's Work/Life Program today and save yourself time and 
   energy while reducing stress. Call or log in today at 1‐877‐WL4‐NOAA (1‐877‐954‐6622), 
   (TTY 800‐873‐1322), or online

- Shutdown Furlough Guidance Website
- DOD Civilian Personnel Advisory Service Website

- Defense Finance and Accounting Service Website

- Army Emergency Relief Website

- U.S. Department of Labor: Unemployment Compensation for Federal Employees